Nia Rose Sophie McCorry Day & Family



We believe looking after the planet for its own sake and that of our kids shouldn’t be a luxury. Amotherstory is about an old-fashioned yearning: for carefully crafted things made to last, for raising a family free from unnecessary stuff. For making a home with sustainable materials and using pure, organic ingredients - and creating as little needless waste as possible.


By sharing our attempts at living lightly, while being strongly tied to my love of design, I hope you’ll find here ideas and inspiration for the everyday that uphold the cornerstones of William Morris’ tenet of “Having nothing…that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”.


In time, we plan to open a bricks and mortar low-waste general store selling a thoughtfully curated (but honestly priced) stock of everything from botanical bar soap to pans that last a lifetime. There will even be fair trade organic textiles and paper goods featuring my own designs - at which point Amother Store will be born. Until I can nail this down, you can shop a small selection here. 

 Thanks for swinging by!



 My name is Sophie McCorry Day. A native of the place known as the ‘garden of England’, I was raised on the Isle of Sheppey amid the salt-washed marshes. Taught to climb its clay cliffs studded with shards of gypsum footholds by my geologist-geographer father, to dig out-of-its-time music by my cool older brother. But also to cherish tradition, agelessly well-made design, vintage fashion, antiques - as much as nature and its wildflowers - via my nana and then mother’s hawkish eye for niceness. 


If that all sounds eye-rollingly romantic, it sort of was. That’s not to say I didn’t have firecrackers thrown at me by a gang of lads while madly peddling my bike, stabilisers and streamers flying, or having to give up our woodland den thanks to the local White Lightening drinkers settling in; or picking up the spent plastic flotsam from the beach during a spot of fossil hunting. That’s also true Sheppey. 


All this gave me a deep-rooted belief in home, and what it takes to make one on this beautiful world. The years have taken me to London to art school, the world of PR, redundancy with the global crash, creative, copywriter and art director and a stint as a seasonal cherry picker... Fortune hurled me up to the whipping cold of the north to be with my now-husband, Toby and now, once again, I’ve wound up in the green flatness of Kent. 


It was while battling to breathe in our shimmering-yet-jarring capital that theseeds sown in my past began to nudge me in the right direction. At the same time, I became a mother to our firstborn son. And that’s how the idea of this space came about – my starred purpose, if you’re given to thinking fatefully.